Thursday, June 4, 2009

This Will Teach Me to Whine.

As I said above, this will teach me to whine. I was griping yesterday about my hand and the potential for surgery. What I didn't mention was that I was having some aches in my knees and was off to see my dr. about them.
Ya' heard of Murphy's Law? As I'm stepping up to get on the exam table I feel this pop in my left knee and unashamedly screamed. My Dr. sent me immediately to an ortho who tortured me a bit before announcing that I have torn the tendon in the front of my knee. How bad we won't know until I have an MRI. If it's too bad, again, here is the potential for surgery.
Did I mention I don't do MRI's well? I'm not a petite little flower and they are very uncomfortable. Even the open ones.
Remeber Murphy? Of course I was at the dr. with Z when it happened. But a quick call to the SO and my sweets came running to the rescue. Z is currently over seeing their joint trip to the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. I can't wait for the pain pills. This hurts !!!
I'm off to limp upstairs and wait. I have been warned that removing the immobilizer and straining the tendon could result in a complete severing and that will be a lot less pleasant than what I'm experiencing now.
Oh, and I found someone pirating my 3 Jewels of Ursus books. I've contacted Ellora's and let them know. Anny Cook said it better than I ever could here recently, but folks downloading or sharing ebooks is stealing.You are taking the food out of Z's little mouth...okay, maybe not, but it's just wrong! This is a career, a job, a livelihood, folks. Would you think it was okay to eat at a restaurant and not pay? How would you feel if someone docking you for the time you had worked and thus taking money out of your paycheck you had earned? It's just rude.


Molly Daniels said...

Oh up and heal quickly! Prayers, Jae.

Anny Cook said...

Ouch! Feel better! And REST!!!