Monday, June 8, 2009

good news and bad news

It's one of those good news-bad news sort of days. The good news is I expected the bad news and was actually resigned to it.

I saw the hand doctor today and, in what was the quickest exam I've ever had, scheduled the carpal tunnel release surgery. I have to admit to being less than impressed with Doctor Hottie. I don't think he looked at my hand other than to show me where the scar would be.

The SO was upset because it was explained that for a week I wouldn't be able to use my right hand. That means no lifting, changing or taking care of the munchkin. I can hold him, rock him, and love on him, but baths, diapers, toting and a lugging about were no-nos. Poor baby. It means getting off work a bit early for a few days.

I have no qualms about this because the SO's boss took off early for two weeks recently because his wife couldn't get off work at the regular time to pick their boys up. Z will have to be at Ms. T's until K gets off work each day.

So, surgery on the hand on June 18th and I'm still waiting to hear about the MRI for my knee, but it is feeling better.

* * *

I have a book recommendation that is just for fun. If you haven't peeked at "Crazy English" by Richard Lederer, you should give it a try. The book looks at the inconsistencies and the quirks in the English language in a fun and humorous way. I'm hoping to use pieces of it to inspire my students next year. I'll be getting a population I don't normally teach. The district has declared everyone will take reading and I get a lot of "I know how to read" resistance from some of the upper level kids.

* * *
I've been editing and trying to finish a story I'm working on that has a working title of "Sweetheart Tree". I have the story mapped out but I'm coming to realize it is in serious need of a different title. This one is too cutesie. I need something sexier. I've never been great at titles and this is just proof of that.


Anny Cook said...

Well, once the hand is fixed and you've healed, you will do better. Best of wishes!

Sandra Cox said...

I like the title.
Good luck with the hand, Jae.