Wednesday, June 17, 2009

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Tonight I got a google alert on Elyssa Edwards. It wasn't a new review or a mention in a blog. It was a listing of a pirate site where my Jewels of Ursus books have been posted. I've already notified EC of this. It is a site I told them of previously that is apparently still active.

I am not someone who is often pirated, but this makes me angry. I think it's important not to let this sort of thing happen without saying something. So I did. I joined the site for the sole purpose of private messaging the person who posted the books.

This is the letter I sent.

Dear *insert user name*,

I am Elyssa Edwards. I joined this site solely to respond to your posting of my books. By listing my books on this site you are violating copyright laws. My writing is my passion and my job. It pays my bills, it helps me care for my young child, it is part and parcel of how I support my family. By "sharing" my books on this site you are breaking the law and stealing money out of my pocket.

We are not all JK Rowling or Michael Crichton who make large amounts of money off of movie rights and merchandising. Many of us don't make enough from our writing to quit our day jobs, though we might wish we could. Authors make only, on average, 5-7% off of each print book sold and 10-30% off of ebooks. We pay for a large portion of our own advertising and our own promotions.

I ask you to think carefully in the future before you post someone's books like this. This is not a victimless crime. In this, I am your victim.

Elyssa Edwards

I'm disheartened to think that this probably won't make any difference at all.

Good news arrived for one of my friends. Jennifer Hudock, who is a brilliant writer, will have one of her stories featured in the Ladies of Horror anthology due out this summer. Yeah Jenn! If you'd like a taste of Jenn's talents check out her website. She's got samples of short stories there, poetry and will soon be podcasting a book of hers called The Goblin Market. If you like fantasy and stories of the fey, you have to check out this book. I've seen the versions of this story grow over the past couple of years and it has turned into an amazing story.


Anny Cook said...

Its disheartening, isn't it?

Jenny said...

Wow, I imagine it's disheartening to get pirated. I think it stinks that this sort of thing happens. On the bright side, someone liked the book so much, they wanted others to read it.... Yeah, still bad.

Thank you for the plug. I am so excited. Two anthologies in three weeks. It feels good. I am so grateful for your friendship and support. We've both come a long way together. Here's to continued success for both of us, and to friendship!