Thursday, August 14, 2008

Apologies and First Days

It has been a long time since I've been able to update here and I apologize.

School started with a huge bang. Our roof is still under construction (the school's), there is the usual confusion about schedules, lockers, procedures, what are you teaching, after school meetings, nervous parents and so forth to wade through and I've been walking in the door and crawling into bed exhausted since day one.

A bit of good review news however, Romance Junkies has reviewed Lovers' Stone and given it a 4.5. Needless to say I'm thrilled. They said:

"Ms. Edwards writes a passion filled story. LOVERS’ STONE is one delectable read that will warm you through and through. Thank God for air conditioning because my imagination is working overtime this afternoon. I loved unraveling this story and discovering more about Luke and Anna. Passion seems to flare between them like electricity arcing toward the sky. "

On the heels of this, comes the wonderful review by Reader Views by Paige Lovitt. Thanks so much Paige:

"Elyssa Edwards, the author, really did a great job developing such a complex story in a short novella. She also introduces werebears which are a unique brand of weres. It was refreshing to be able to read about something new. The two main characters have a lot to overcome, but as you read, you learn that together they are stronger than apart. “Lover’s Stone” is definitely an interesting, unique story."

Sorry to be wanting in the witty thoughts department today. I'm fairly certain there isn't enough coffee or Diet Coke to make me feel perky, especially facing a lock down drill and another after school faculty meeting before my 2 hour commute. *groan* I'd suggest checking out Anny Cook, Amarinda Jones, Kelly Kirch and Sandra Cox. They've always got something good goin' on.

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day of School

My kiddies had their first day of school today. Everything went relatively smoothly and I didn't have to threaten anyone with my body bag. Just kidding. They were all on their best behavior today, we'll see how long that lasts.

(I had a very cool comic graphic for you, but blogger doesn't want to upload graphics today. What a shame.)

I have very little voice right now. I'm not sure how much of it was from having to talk all day and how much of it was from the activities engaged in last night. The SO had been dying to see a concert called Projekt Revolution. It was an all day music event with 10 or so bands including Linkin Park, Chris Cornell, The Bravery, Armor for Sleep, Hawthorne Heights, etc. Unfortunately said concert was scheduled on the day before the first day of school. I tried for months to get out of it, suggesting that my darling find someone at work to go. No luck. I was petulantly told that this was the last time we'd get to do something like this because we would have the baby.

True. I have no plans to take a baby to a rock concert and damage it's hearing. Of course from the way Smudgie was kicking during the concert he's either an aspiring music critic or he was having a good time too. He was quiet until Chris Cornell came on, then got quiet through most of Linkin Park but started kicking up a storm during the LP encore. I'm concerned he had his own little mosh pit going on in there.

The concert was terrific. We were in the first section infront of the stage, just about 10 rows back. Loud, bright lights, and lots of fun. I did find it a bit depressing when Chris Cornell came on. I remember him from ages ago, back when he fronted for SoundGarden. I looked at him and couldn't help but think, "Damn Dude, we got old." No criticism of him. Now that he's given up that dorky spiked hair and grown it out again he looks good. Really good. But neither he nor I are spring chickens any longer. It was cute, from our angle I could see his kids with their protective head gear dancing along to dad.

Of course the kids around us were interesting. Just like when GreenDay released their last, today's teens and preteens think they "discovered them." SNORT! I used to have a GreenDay button that said, "I was listening to GreenDay when you were in diapers." I felt the same way last night. The teens and early 20 somethings were looking at us older folks like, "What are you doing here?" My students when I introduced myself and told a bit about me were shocked to find out I'd attended the concert last night.

So I'm about to take my "I was up til 2am and then back up at 5am" backside to bed. My SO is so sweet to me the first day of school. A dinner I didn't have to cook, a hot shower, and a foot rub I didn't even have to ask for. {hugs precious} Can you hear the teeth grinding from there? Precious isn't exactly someone's favorite endearment. Something about it sounding prissy. *giggle*

Now run along and check out the blogs by Anny Cook, Amarinda Jones, Kelly Kirch and Sandra Cox. Lots of good stuff.