Thursday, June 18, 2009

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My surgery was, obviously, postponed until the 25th. It's not something I'm nervous about, exactly. I'm not apprehensive about the surgery at all. I've had it done before, albeit over ten years ago. The most uncomfortable part of the surgery as I recall it was the blood pressure cuff they use to compress your arm as part of the anesthesia. They basically wrap a large rubber strap around your arm to squeeze out the blood, tighten the cuff and then give you an anesthetic to numb your arm. It wasn't a big deal the last time and took only a few minutes for the actual surgery to be done.

I'm more worried about afterwards. My SO does not do well when I'm sick or somehow incapacitated. It's like a personal affront. *Sigh*

I'm trying to figure out what to wear for Romanticon. I'm not a dressy-up kind of person. I'm more of a big old slouchy pants and a t-shirt that's seen better days kind of person. The mixer on Friday is a psychedelic theme. I'm thinking early 70's, late 60's hippie kind of thing and that just isn't in my wardrobe. I may actually have to buy clothes.

And the author appreciation dinner. What exactly does one wear to that? I've seen pictures of the RT convention and the RWA conventions and the ladies were very dressed up, evening wear sort of thing. That definitely isn't in my wardrobe. *double sigh*

I did get the first of my promo items today. I'm buying things a little at a time. Instead of just "business cards" I've got magnets. I already have book marks that I had made a long time ago. I have two other things I'm planning on getting for give aways. I know that you have to balance output with expected return, but I have to admit, some of this is just me indulging the fantasy.

Romanticon isn't just for authors. It's being held in Ohio and is for anyone who loves romance and erotic romance. It's my virgin convention so it would be really nice to see a lot of people there. Its not just for published authors, readers and those aspiring to publication will find some very interesting workshops as well.


Now I am an animal lover. You can't come to this blog without realizing that. However, the whole "Obama killed a fly" outrage from PETA is ridiculous. I'm still hoping its a joke. I personally don't kill spiders. Spiders are useful and they kill and eat the icky bugs. But anything else in the insect and arachnid family (especially the ants, centipedes and scorpions) are fair game. I know they play a useful part in the circle of life, but they can stay out of my house.


Sandra Cox said...

Good luck with this, Jae. I'm sure the surgery will go fine and I trust you'll heal quickly.

Anny Cook said...

Clothes... I spent a fortune on clothes for RT and NEVER WORE THEM.

Black slacks, nice top. Otherwise, during the day... jeans/slacks and nice top. Pretty much what you would wear to teach.

Best wishes with the surgery!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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