Friday, June 19, 2009

Some People Need to Chill

This picture came from one of my favorite sites, . I can always count on this site to cheer me up. Like the LOL cats' site, this one features pictures captioned by site members. Last night I got very excited because this picture popped up on page one of the site. You see, it's mine. Well, I captioned it. You have to caption the pics and people vote on them, then the most popular make the main page. I was thrilled.

Then I read the comments, or rather one comment. Super mommy left a comment about how this was terrible because no dog should ever be left alone with a baby because all dogs can become aggressive and attack babies and this was not funny and how dare anyone make it seem funny.

My response? Get over yourself, lady. Obviously the baby wasn't "left alone" with this dog. Who do you think took the picture? The camera fairy? Oh, I know, the dog figured out the timer option on the camera and snapped away himself. What a dumbass.

Secondly, only a fool leaves an infant alone with a dog. Yes, the motions and noises of an infant/toddler are very close "prey behavior" and even the most gentle and well trained dog can cause injuries to a baby. Even me, who loves my dogs to distraction, would never leave my son alone with them. Not even Wendell.

Third, just because a dog is big, as a mastiff is, doesn't make it a bully breed or a naturally more aggressive dog. I'd honestly be more apprehensive about a chihuahua than that Neapolitan mastiff. But I'd still not leave the baby alone. I raised a rottweiler. Rotties are one of the "bully breeds" that have strong personalities. We raised him to be submissive. He was low man on the totem pole and didn't even dare retrieve his tennis ball if it rolled too close to my 18lb. pug. She was queen and he knew it.

Finally, this site is not a dog training site. It is not a parental advice site. No one is getting their parenting or dog training information from I has a The site is entertainment. It is funny, cute and supposed to make you smile. So take the super mommy stick out of your backside and lighten up. If you take such things so seriously, why are you on this site?

That leads me to the "Mothers that take themselves too seriously" topic which I'm not going to tackle today. I'm reading a rather controversial book right now about that topic and I absolutely agree with the writer that some people think they and their approach to parenting are one step removed from the ten commandments. We'll talk about that another time.

So take a chill pill folks. Somethings are not meant to be dissected, taken seriously or even considered beyond a brief chuckle. There is enough in life that we have to take seriously. Why are you adding to the pile?


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Love the pic and the caption.
Good job.