Friday, December 19, 2008

Traditions and Santa

We wrapped up the last details for Christmas except what we're doing for our own Christmas dinner. We're going to be on our own this Christmas for the first time. We've always gone home to one family or the other for Thanksgiving and Christmas, alternating each year.

But this year with the little one and recovering from the c-section, plus the expense of going, we're doing Christmas here in Georgia on our own. We've been discussing the fact that we need to build our own family traditions.

This year I'm going to make something I haven't made in years, not since my great-grandmother passed away. Merba. Merba is a cookie bar that my great-grandmother used to make. It has a cookie like crust but is topped with preserves and nuts. It freezes amazingly and can be kept for a long time. We'll have to see if I can still do it. There is a trick to making the lattice-work top.

We started what I think will be one tradition. The visit to see Santa. We took Smudgie to see Santa today and got his picture taken. The Santa was great.

We've also been checking out daycare and babysitters for when the Momma has to go back to work. I'm going to hate it. No way will I ever feel okay about leaving him with someone else. What if they don't pick him up when he cries? What if he doesn't get his diaper changed as soon as he needs it? We've seen three daycares and one in-home. There is one center I like, but it is $175 per week. That's $700 a month! The in-home is going to run about $100-135. I met a lady today that I really liked. Her home was clean and there were lots of toys. She only has a couple of kids right now and can only have a total of 6. We have a few more to check out. We just want to be ready.

Lets have a peek at this Santa to get us all in the mood for the holiday.

Doesn't this just bring to mind a lovely old-fashioned Christmas?


Anny Cook said...

Ahhh, Jae. In NY (upstate) day care is $360 a week. Now you know why it's cheaper to stay home on welfare!

My best wishes on finding a safe place for your little one.

As for traditions... The best ones are the ones that come from doing something your enjoy. Merry Christmas with your new little one.

KellyMarstad said...

175 is excellent. I think I hit 200 per child while they were infants and dropped to 150 when the older one hit toddlerhood.

Even now one of the driving reasons I don't work outside the home is because the daycare expense, travel, clothing, food budget, and healthcare costs actually COST us to have me work. Staying home I do all that on my own and healthcare is through my husband. Saves us a lot of money.