Monday, December 1, 2008

Measuring your...yeah.

***There are some elements of today's blog that may be a bit adult in content. Please use your discretion.***

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but I'm not sure what necessity sparked the creation of these odd new products I saw on the net recently.

1. Batter Blaster has created a new way to make pancakes. This aerosol can dispenses pancake batter ala cheeze whiz. Scary. I mean how hard is it to mix a bit of milk with the instant pancake mix. Oddly enough it carries the USDA "organic" seal.

2. I won't get started with my usual soapbox speech about how today's society is leeching all the fun out of childhood with its "safety" consciousness but I'm annoyed to report that Thudguard has created a soft helment to protect your child's head as he or she learns to walk. This killjoy is available at

3. My Beautiful Mommy by Big Tent Books is a children's picture book that explains to children the concept of cosmetic surgery. Written by a plastic surgeon, the book tells the story of a little girl who is worried because her mommy is getting a nose job. You know, do you ever look around at the books being published and wonder just what drugs some publishers are taking?

4. Baby bikinis? Yes. The over sexualization of generations of young female children continues as Swedish designer Ellos releases a line of baby bikinis. Good news here though, the outcry from parent groups and feminist groups have caused the company to discontinue the line and issue an apology.

5. Just when you thought there was nothing new that could be designed for parents of babies Zaky has come up with hand shaped pillows that rest against your infant to give them the feeling of being held while they are sleeping in their own beds. While the concept seems rather interesting, I have to admit it seems a bit creepy to me when you look at the design.
6. The applications of the next product are rather intriguing. The Mood Dress or Bublle Dress from Philip's Designs changes color based on heart rate and other bodily functions associated with stress. The manufacturer promises that they are also working on a radical new idea for tattoos. The new shape shifting tattoo would change shape based on the wearer's mood or design.

7. And last, but certainly not least by any means, is the Condometric. Spain has now given us a condom with a built in ruler. Tired of hearing your man boast? Wanna prove that size doesn't... matter? Condometric has a measuring tape printed down the side of the condom. No longer will women's concept of spacial relations be skewed by repeatedly being told that this _____________ is eight inches.

On to other things:

It snowed a bit today. Just a few random flakes visible in the beams of the headlights but it made me feel happy. I love the snow. It's what I miss the most about living in the South. There is something pure, refreshing and invigorating about snow and cold temperatures.

And speaking of snow, the holidays are underway. So today I offer you this to get your mind flowing with Christmasy thoughts and your blood pumping.

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Molly Daniels said...

Sometimes you just gotta wonder what inventors are smoking...I also agree with that your assessment of that book.

KellyMarstad said...

Oh My Gosh! Those products are INSANE! My daughter P, was given a bikini when she was two by her babysitter. I think the Gap still makes them. I'm also wondering if the metric thingy might be skewed in favor of the wearer. I mean think how much money they could make if they fudged the numbers a little to closely together so the wearer looked like he had underestimated himself for his, um, date. Guys everywhere would wear them and whip them out to prove how masculine they are.

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh, I like that pic.....
How are you feeling?

Anny Cook said...

I've wondered about the offerings from inventors for years. I think they're all smoking something funny.

Excellent pic! Just what I needed to cheer me up!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

I am absolutely appalled by the plastic surgery book...WTF is the matter with our society???

The hand pillows are an interesting idea...but the make me feel really squidgy. Bizarre...