Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Smudgie has arrived

Smudgie has arrived.

After 39 hours of labor...yep, 39...he finally made his appearance via c-section. All that kickboxing he'd been doing had landed him with his cord wrapped twice around his neck and he couldn't descend fully. But he's here and weighed in at 7 pounds 3 ounces and 21" long.

We're home now after some difficulties with feeding. Smudgie couldn't figure out how to use either the bottle or the breast. We were using a syringe and trying to tach him to suck. Finally I realized he was sucking the pacifier someone had given him. So we found nipples the same NUK shape as the paci and he immediately began to feed just fine with no more vomiting.

I adore the picture above. Unfortunately that's not been the general response of our dogs. George snuffled him, seemed to think he wasn't as important as everyone else seemed to think and went back to watching out the window. Gracie, while excited, just sits and watches him. Shiloh has decided that we are idiots and she has to make sure we know what we're doing. Every time he makes a peep, she runs to us. If we aren't standing directly next to him, she tries to herd us to him. She also growls when the other dogs get too close to Smudgie.

Wendell isn't a happy camper. He grabbed hold of the hem of Smudgie's sleeper sack and tried to pull him out of my arms. Luckily Wendell weights all of 10 lbs. He also has tried to climb onto my lap repeatedly when I have Smudgie.

We'll figure it all out. It's scary and a bit surreal. I'll probably blog more about that later. But I do wonder when I'll ever find time to write again.

But Anny Cook has a release coming up at Ellora's Cave, Sandra Cox had a recent release at the Lotus Circle and Kelly Marstad and Jenny Beans always have great things for us so run over and check them out.


Molly Daniels said...

Welcome to the world, Smudgie:) Sounds like Shiloh's mothering instincts are in place and will protect you from Wendell, until he gets over the jealousy and learns to behave himself. Or just do what K did to our Tiger cat...pop him in the nose! It was 6 months before that cat came near K again!

Kisses to the new arrival...he's gorgeous!

Anny Cook said...

Well, what a sweetheart. As for time... now you know why I didn't write with four kids running around--at least I didn't write anything worth reading!

Don't worry. Things will settle down and you'll soon figure it all out. Best Wishes to Smudgie!

KellyMarstad said...

It took me two months to figure out how to bathe while baby napped (in car seat in bathroom) until figured out, a ten minute shower and the POSSIBILITY of crying wasn't going to kill the kid. :) Get your sleep first, everything else is secondary. Writing will happen when the time is available and it may not be for awhile.

Love to you and SO. You guys will do just fine and Aiden is so very very lucky to have two loving parents and all those warm cuddly creatures around.

Sandra Cox said...

He is such a beautiful baby. The dogs will adjust and become very protective of him. Ms. Meghan's cord was wrapped around her throat 3xs. Luckily, she's always been tenacious.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Huge congratulations and hugs to you and your SO and of course, Baby Z! He's absolutely beautiful!

Hopefully Wendell will settle into his new reality soon and and you'll all get some much needed peace and rest.

Congratulations, again!

Afton Locke said...

Congratulations on your new baby! Dogs think they are people too. He just has to figure out where he belongs in the new pack. When people ask if I was an only child, I should say no, I had a little brother. A furry one with 4 legs.

Afton Locke
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