Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm currently reading Boji Stones by Sandra Cox and loving it. It's a great story and Sandra is an awesome writer.

We've been recovering from the holidays. We're trying to find a rocking recliner to put in Z's room. The wood rocker we have is lovely, but it's not as practical as a rocking recliner would be. Z's like the SO, he has a good deal of trouble settling into sleep. I know normal baby sleeping patterns, but he has a problem staying asleep once he goes to sleep. A recliner would mean more sleep for us.

We were at the mall today and walked past the pet store, one of those less reputable ones. We've actually personally contacted Animal Control on them because of an older Irish Setter puppy we saw there once that was grossly underweight. They ended up closed down a couple of weeks later because of a "virus" but reopened to continue to peddle over prices puppies to people who can't really afford them.

I was quite upset the week before Christmas when we were in the mall to see Santa. We paused to look at the bunnies. I overheard a salesperson doing a hard sale to a young couple. I was disgusted. She (the saleslady) was going on and on about the payment plan and no money down for a 7 month old puppy that was selling for almost two thousand dollars with interest, but hey, it was only $25 a week.

She said nothing to them about taking care of this animal. She said nothing to them about the responsibility or the problems a puppy who has spent 7 months in a cage that is less than two by two feet. A puppy who spends 7 months doing what instinct tell it is wrong, urinating and deficating in it's "den", will be nearly impossible for the average person to potty train. The dog is likely to have numerous other behaviors such as destruction, aggressive eating behaviors, etc. This saleslady wasn't even cowed when the young man revealed that the girl had no place to keep the dog and it would have to stay at his house.

I did not stay to see if the woman made her sale. If she did, that puppy is headed for an almost certain trip to the animal shelter. The woman's behavior was not only irresponsible but down right repugnant.

I applaud shelters and the rescues that close down adoptions in the weeks before Christmas. No impulse buys for the kids. Parents who want to give a puppy or kitten for Christmas (the worst possible time to add a new pet to your home) can arrange the adoption and pick up before hand in most cases.
Pet ownership is an important committment you make to another living creature, one who will rely on you for protection, food, shelter, medical care and training. It is not one to enter into lightly and it isn't one we should discard lightly either.
This came to mind because as I passed this same pet store today, most of the cages were empty. I was looking at a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and was approached by the sales clerk. Even after I told her several times I was not interested in purchasing a dog and was attempting to leave the story, she kept pushing the dog. Pet sales is not the place to behave like a disreputable used car salesman.


Anny Cook said...

Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, gerbils... no pet should be bought without a four week wait. Almost all of them are impulse buys.

Anonymous said...

So incredibly happy to hear from someone who has the exact same views I do on pet stores. I work with rescue and this time of year is particularly bad, but it will be worse a couple of months (or less) after Christmas when all of those cute little puppies and kitten are no longer wanted.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Jae. Glad you're enjoying Boji Stones.
And a huge thank you for blogging about buying from pet stores versus rescues. Its such a sad situation to see these guys treaded as a disposable commodity instead of a living breathing entity. Kudos to you!

Jenny Beans said...

When we were in the market for a pet, I absolutely refused to buy from a pet store. I think the animals there are done a horrible disservice and they wind up being more work and resentment, which is not what you want in a member of your family. It's a shame that they will market anything and everything that will turn a profit, especially during the holidays. It makes me sick. :(

Hope you find a good recliner.