Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Joys of Painless FLE's

I have discovered the absolute, sure-fire, unbeatable way to guarantee you have pain free FLE’s. For those of you who may not be familiar with the acronym, FLE stands for final line edits. This is the last once over given to a book before it is released to the public. This is supposed to be the catch all for any errors that may have been missed.

I received my FLE’s for my next release, Soul Stone, recently. Or rather I received a note from my editor saying she’d gotten them and there had been only a few punctuations issues. Nothing for me to bother with at all. So, trust me I know from whence I speak.

Gather round now. The secret to having a guaranteed pain free FLE is…

Have a flipping amazing editor!

And I do. If you know the writers who work with my editor, H., you will notice a pattern. We all feel as if we have been blessed and are the luckiest little scribes about.

So the final chapter in the Jewels of Ursus trilogy will be released on November 19th. Soul Stone isn’t an Ellora’s Cave Jewel as the first two parts were, but is a stand alone novel. It tells the story of Tarris, the incubus who was raised by the shapeshifters he lives with. It will also answer the questions from the first two books about what really happened to drive the twins, Mark and Luke apart and what happened to the youngest Ursine brother who seems to be the cause of the bitterness.

I hope you will find it enjoyable and of course I will be holding a contest to mark the release with a prize. While not a Jewel, opals play an important part in this story and it will be a rainbow opal pendent and earrings that will be given away. So to whet your appetite for the delectable Tarris, check out the amazing cover above from Ellora’s Cave’s cover gods and the blurb. The cover was a dream come true. I begged for a particular model for the cover after myself and several friends who had helped beta read (proof read) Soul Stone saw the man on another cover and went, "Oh my God! That's Tarris!"

Soul Stone
Elyssa Edwards

He is physical perfection. He is sex personified. He is an incubus. All his life Tarris has followed the rules that would keep him from transforming into the dark soulless predator who fed on the sexual energies of women, draining them to madness or to death. But now that he can no longer feed in a safe and controlled way, he faces a choice: hunt or starve. Callista is quiet and reserved. Her restrained exterior hides an astonishing passion and vivid imagination that has captured him. Who knew that a creature that had no soul could love a woman so deeply? Tarris must now find a way to control the change he feels coming and defeat the hunter who pursues him, obsessed with possessing Callista and destroying the incubus.


Jenny Beans said...

I was so happy when Tarris got his own story. He played such an important role in the lives of the Urine brothers and their soul mates that his silent beauty seemed to beg for a story all his own. I really hope this book goes to print as well. It'd be nice to have a copy of that cover to look at when I'm in the bathtub... you know, reading, of course.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Helen. Love her to pieces. And I too had a painless FLE for my January release (under the other pen name). I had to change one word. Heh. Love it.

Anny Cook said...

Love FLEs like that.

Sandra Cox said...

Our H truly is a gem.
Love the cover, sounds like a great read. Can't wait for the contest!

Bronwyn's Blog said...

H is fab! Congrats on the awesomely easy FLE - I love those. :)