Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holding your breath

I'm having one of those moments in life when you feel like someone put you in a pressure cooker and turned the clamp down really tight. And as our little kitty here points out, you can only hold your breath for so long before you gotta come up for air.

But, as I've learned from some folks around me, you have to let a little zen in your life and realize that sometimes you just have to hold that breath a bit longer than others. So there is that. Do I regret my rant yesterday? No. It was something that had to be said from my point of view and I don't regret saying it. Like I said yesterday, I doubt some of the individuals to whom it was directed would even see it here on my blog. That part I do regret.
I have two signs hanging over my desk at work. One is a quote I adore from Eleanor Roosevelt. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." It is one of the most important truisms I've run acrossed in my life. If we refuse to allow others to belittle us then they cannot. So if you feel like someone is holding your head underwater and waiting for you to drown, take a deep breath. They are hoping you won't discover that you can breathe just fine underwater.

But you can. We all can. Maybe, just maybe you will discover that you were meant to be a fish. A beautiful neon-colored fish that nurtures the environment, provides pleasure and beauty to the world and who plays with the fishermen who can only hook you if you let yourself be hooked. Otherwise play with the bait and leave them with an empty hook.
I said I have two signs. The other sign says "Don't make me break out my flying monkeys." This sign is for the days when I can't quite hear Eleanor above the rushing of the rapids.
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Jenny Beans said...

But... I like the flying monkeys. They're incredibly scary. On the other hand, I'm glad you have no regrets except that the evil toward which your rant was directed may never even realize it was for them. The world is full of stinky sticks from all the people who like to stir and play in crap. Reminds me of my toddler niece and those few times her mother caught her painting her bedroom in fecal matter.

Anonymous said...

I have a placque next to my chair: "Mom is busy, take a number" with three numbers hanging off it. Might need to add the flying monkeys. I'm haveing a snit-fit today too.

Anny Cook said...

"Just say NO!" That's my sign. Some days that's really all you need to do.