Monday, May 11, 2009

The Next Generation

Mother's Day was a mixed bag yesterday. Sort of a really nice time bookended by suckiness. I woke up with a migraine and had to beg the SO to take munchkin for while. That while turned out to be 6 hours while I moaned and groaned and tried to sleep my headache away.

When I finally emerged from the cave we wasted no time. We were on a mission. We had to begin the immediate indoctrination of the next generation of Trekkers. For Mother's Day my SO (who is not really a Trekker, but enjoys the series) and Z took me to see Star Trek. The movie was good. Not "blow me away" awesome, but above average. *Spoiler Alert- skip to next paragraph if you don't want a spoiler* Though as usual, Star Trek did the old fall back: When in doubt-time travel. It was rather ingenious the way they left it at the end. They can now write a whole new line of Star Trek adventures.

Of course in the process we have now taken Z to his first Star Trek movie. He was quite good. With the help of a bottle he slept his way through the first half and then sat on one of our laps the second half alternating between playing with his feet (his new favorite toy) and watching the moving images on the screen.

As I said, though, bookended by suckiness. My mother is back in the hospital. The woman doesn't listen to anything or anyone. We told her she wasn't ready to come home from the nursing home, but she was not to be persuaded. She lasted less than 24 hours and is now back in the hospital and my step-father is not sounding so good. The man had diabetes, emphysema, and has had multiple back surgeries. Add to this he's trying to also raise my 12 year old brother and tell me how she ever expected him to "take care of her." But this is a very long rant that goes on and on and is essentially down to the fact that I live 600 miles away from them all and I have multiple siblings in the immediate area that need to get off their collective arses and take care of this.

We went to my favorite pizza place after the movie and I had an allergic reaction to something. I have no food allergies, but suddenly my mouth got numb and my face started swelling. I took a load of antihistamines and ended up back in bed to sleep that off.

Yep. Bookended by suckiness. The good part is I'm pretty sure I'll only remember the good stuff.


Anny Cook said...

That is usually the way it is. Glad you enjoyed the movie! Happy Mother's Day!

Sandra Cox said...

Boy, Jae, I don't think the stars were aligned Mother's Day. Mine certainly wasn't as bad as yours but everything was just a bit off center.
Hope your family gets squared away healthwise. I know that is so frustrating.
Sorry about your migrain on MD. That is suckie.