Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm being tortured

I'm being tortured with American Idol. I really don't care that much except that the dude Adam really rubs me the wrong way. No real reason, but he comes across as smug. I also think it's less than fair that a guy whose made a living singing and peforming (he was in the traveling company of Wicked) is participating in an amateur competition.

My little superstar will turn 6 months in a week. It doesn't seem possible. He's incredibly vocal. I don't think I'll ever have to worry about him being too quiet. He can't sit up yet, but he wants to crawl very badly. He gets his arms and legs going, but can't figure out how to get them under him. This is ironic because when he sleeps, he pulls his legs up under him and ends up scooching until his head is up against the top of his crib. Heaven help us when he figures it out. There will be no stopping him.

We're at seven days and counting. School will be out in seven days. I can't wait. Mostly because it means I can spend some more time with Z, but also because after all this time, you kinda need a break. I do have to say I'm proud of my kids. We got our state tests back and they did a wonderful job. It has been a good year and they've done an awesome job.

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Kenzie Michaels said...

Oh Jae, he's priceless! I remember those 'swimming' days!

Has his first tooth come in yet?