Sunday, February 15, 2009

We went to the Georgia Aquarium for the SO’s birthday today. Of course our camera stopped working not long after we got there. Grrrr. The other grrr was that we’d purchased tickets to see the Titanic exhibit but no where on the tickets did it say we wouldn’t be allowed to take in our stroller and bags. The “stroller parking” was a place up against a wall with a sign. Riiiight. I’m supposed to leave my stroller and bags out in the open in a packed public place?

I got in line to demand a refund, but heard the people who just walked away from the counter say the next tickets available were for 4pm and they didn’t want to wait. We sold them our tickets. Our aquarium has great exhibits and several touch pools for the kids. I love the belugas and was bummed that I wasn’t going to be able to take pictures of them. I did get pics of the whale sharks. They are huge! The moon jelly fish were cool too.

Oh, and I’ve never shown myself on my blog before. But here’s me and Z in front of the first tank. I think they are tuna. My SO took the pics and, as you can see, I’m the photographer in the family. *grin*


KellyMarstad said...

I've never seen a moon jelly fish before. I used to SCUBA in the Thousand Islands and Hawaii (HI sucks by the way) and the angel fish get to be the size of massive platters. One followed us around like a puppy. I think it was curious. Love aquariums.

And how cute are you!!! Z is too of course but it's so nice to finally meet you Ms. Jae. :) A few weeks ago, I posted some of me on the Marstad blog.

We have four more months in TN. At some point, we should meet up in Chatt for the aquarium. Then again, I'm dying to show the family the undergroud shopping city in Atlanta... wanna tour guide?

Anny Cook said...

Yep. That's exactly the same kind of pic I would get if the house hunk took it. Heh. Glad you enjoyed the aquarium.

Jenny Beans said...

Just a little light added to the pic in photoshop and I could see you and Z perfectly. So adorable. I hate that the world is so cruddy you can't feel safe leaving your stroller outside... but it's even worse that they try to force you to. Too bad your camera didn't work the whole time. I'd love to have seen more pics.

Bronwyn Green said...

The pics are great :) and it's wonderful to finally see you with sweet baby Z.

disa said...