Sunday, February 8, 2009

Reviews and Releases

Soul Stone, my latest release as Elyssa Edwards, received it's first review recently. I'm happy with it.

"SOUL STONE is an intriguing blend of paranormal romance and suspense...An engaging and sensual tale, check out SOUL STONE." -Jennifer Bishop, RRTErotic


Soul Stone
Elyssa Edwards

He is physical perfection. He is sex personified. He is an incubus. All his life Tarris has followed the rules that would keep him from transforming into the dark soulless predator who fed on the sexual energies of women, draining them to madness or to death. But now that he can no longer feed in a safe and controlled way, he faces a choice: hunt or starve. Callista is quiet and reserved. Her restrained exterior hides an astonishing passion and vivid imagination that has captured him. Who knew that a creature that had no soul could love a woman so deeply? Tarris must now find a way to control the change he feels coming and defeat the hunter who pursues him, obsessed with possessing Callista and destroying the incubus.

February 19th, Circle of Wolves will be released.

Circle of Wolves
JacquƩline Roth

War. His world stands on the precipice and he is the best chance to stop it? All his life his secret has been protected by his family and friends. They’ve all protected him from those who would have seen him tagged and caged like an animal. Or worse, exterminated. Now that very secret makes the earth mage Evan Forester the perfect choice for this mission. Find the Wolves and convince them to form an alliance with the mage world. But what he finds among the Wolves is more than he ever dreamed possible for himself. The very nature he is forced to subdue and hide, they would welcome and celebrate. Even more, among these people he finds the one his soul calls “mate”. Still the awful truth remains, if the alliance fails, he will be forced to choose between the place he calls home and the one woman he loves and who loves all that he is, wolf and man.

This is part of the same world that the Jewels of Ursus series was written in. It is the next book in the series that started with Measure of Healing.

Z has a cold. He seriously hates having his little nose suctioned. According to the doctor he's 10lb 15oz and 24" long. He's growing so fast!


Anny Cook said...

Isn't he quite the little man! Grow, boy, grow!

Looking forward to Circle of Wolves!

And congrats on your lovely review!

Kelly Kirch said...

Oh, Jae, he's beautiful! What a little man he is! :) Congrats on the great review and the fabulous mommy-ing.

Molly Daniels said...

Hi little Z! You're such a cutie and growing up to be a much-loved little guy:)

Congrats on the review, Jae! Looking forward to reading the rest of your back list!

Jenny Beans said...

I'm so excited about circle of wolves being released. I know what a labor of love that story was for you.

Bronwyn Green said...

Oh Jae - he is utterly adorable! You do good work! :)