Monday, June 23, 2008

Writing something every day

I've been listening to (or more accurately said, reading) this advice from Anny Cook from time to time throughout the last year. I've even passed it on and received verification from others that it does, indeed, help. In fact, a friend recently commented that just the process of sitting down to respond to emails had help him overcome the dread he felt when faced with a blank word processor screen of late.

I've listened to and believed in the value of this advice but have never taken it myself. Now I find I am stuck in a rut and cannot seem to write or work on my WIPs. I find I have no particular urge to do much of anything. Do you ever have those day? Where you don't want to write, you don't want to read, you don't want to do nothing but you damned well don't want to do anything? I am having such a week. I started what is shaping up to be a good book last Friday, but it has sat since Friday night untouched. Instead I have found myself sitting on the sofa, surrounded by puppies, watching movies I've seen a hundred times. And not because I want to watch them, but because I don't want to do anything else.

So I'm taking Anny's advice for myself this time. I am going to make myself write everyday, even it is only on my blog. Hopefully that will help.

On another note all four of my dogs seem to have gone mad at once. We have this runner that stretches from the sliding glass door across the back half of the livingroom. The point of it is to act as a foot wipe for the dogs as they charge inside from the outside. However, the last two days each and every dog has taken to rubbing themselves along this rug. It is not new. It has been there for years. But today even George was rubbing his head and body along the runner. They don't do this anywhere else in the house and have never done this before. Suddenly all four are attracted to the same spot. Perhaps there is something there they smell that we can't? Strange.

Finally got pictures of the niece and nephews from Florida today. We had preschool gradutes complete with caps and gowns. They are adorable as ever and doing well. I can't say that I understand the elaborate graduations from preschool, fifth grade and eighth grade that I see and hear about. I wonder if it really acts as a motivator for the students or if it simply detracts from the specialness of the high school graduation. I'm undecided on this, but not undecided on the issue of eighth grade dances.

Our school has this eighth grade dance to celebrate the end of middle school for our eighth graders. They get all dressed up and have an exclusive party just for them. I think that's awesome. What I don't get are the people who are spending huge amounts on dresses, limos and other frills for this dance. It's a running joke that we need extra staff in the office after noon because once they have met the state minimum for attendance for the day, every eighth grade girl in the place will be checking out to get her hair and nails done.

Oh, someone asked me the other day about the problem I was having with the security system. Well, after I had chewed a new backside to the people at the security system they scheduled the appointment. The tech never showed. I got a call at the end of the service window telling me the tech had car problems and wouldn't be there. The rescheduled me for another day. I told them that if the tech wasn't at my home by the end of my service window on this new day, my first call was going to be to my attorney. And yes, I do have an attorney. I have prepaid legal services and I'm not afraid to use them.


Anny Cook said...

Write, girl, write!

Okay, the dogs... somebody walked in with "something" on their shoe that the doggies smell. Nope don't know what it is, but my dog used to occasionally find such a spot and do the same thing.

Dances and graduations--don't get me started. I wish we would just let kids be kids. No need to encourage them to grow up so fast.
And I also think that stuff takes some of the "value" out of the real grown up graduations and dances.

Kelly Kirch said...

Sic the attorney on em!!!

And there must be something WUNderful on that carpet. Lemme come over and rub on it too. :) Hey! Maybe it's a cure for writer's block.

Amarinda Jones said...

I make myself write every morning and every night. My mantra is 'if you have time to rest you have time to write'...could explain why I'm knackered all the time