Monday, June 2, 2008

Smile Smudgie!

Down to one day before freedom. The kiddies are done, but we teachers are still working today and tomorrow. I have a huge mess in my room to get cleaned up. We have to box up everything, clear everything off the walls, stack chairs and tables. I’m behind because I was sick the last week of school when I normally would have started getting everything together on my planning periods. So after tomorrow, with the exception of some dr. appts, I am free to pursue a life of leisure while I prepare lesson plans and materials for next year. This will include buying and laminating several books for my classroom.

Today was the 12 week ultrasound. Smudgie (as my SO has taken to calling the baby since it appeared as a little grey smudge on a previous ultrasound) has arms, hands, feet and all the wonderful little things a baby is supposed to have while only being the size of a fist. Everything looks good. No idea on sex yet, it’s far too early for that. Will have to wait ‘til next ultrasound. It seems so weird to actually think that there is a real live little person in there. I know that’s the point of pregnancy, but the realization is sort of shocking.

So I thought I’d ask the parents out there for some advice. I read a lot of non-fiction including books about education. I ran across a great book for parents and teachers of boys a couple years ago called The Minds of Boys. It was an awesome look at sex differences through brain based research. How do the minds of young males differ from the minds of young females and yes, there are marked differences. It changed how I taught my male students and actually improved the rapport I was able to develop with them.

So those of you who are parents, other than What to Expect When You’re Expecting, what other parenting books would you recommend?


Amarinda Jones said...

That's a good looking baby.

Kelly Kirch said...

One of my favorites was a Good Housekeeping picture book. I can't remember the name of it except it went month by month showing not only baby changes but changes in you. How YOU look as the baby grows and what things you can expect to change about YOU. That helped me when I was blowing up in the face and ankles. :)

Amarinda is right. Smudge is adorable. Look at that little nose! And that high forehead. SO CUTE. Well done!

Regina Carlysle said...

Smudgie is gorgeous. My first advice is don't STRESS. As long as a baby is clean, dry, fed and has a place to sleep it's a good start. My two are complete opposites and the best you can do is accept that your child has his/her OWN personality and go with it.

Anny Cook said...

Oh yeah. Had four. Every one was different. DIFFERENT! Most important part? Love. Lots of love. Everything after that is gravy.

The other thing I would heartily recommend for every parent is a book called Steps to Effective Parenting (I think that's the book)... its on Amazon.

Charlene Leatherman said...

The biggest thing I could recommend comes much later - at the terrible twos. A doctor told me (and it has panned out on every young person I have watched grow up) that if you look at your baby at the two year age - that is what you have as a teenager. So, if you train your baby at two (it will be a battle but at two you are bigger) to respect authority (don't give Smudgie everything s/he wants), teach Smudgie that No really is a word, and that temper tantrums will not bring results, then when you Smudgie turns 13 and your life will turn upside down, it will not turn as upside down as if you had not taken the time to train your two year old.

And like the others have said, Love your baby - Lots.

Anita Birt said...

I left a comment and it disappeared. The wonders of science are wonderful. What a thrill to watch the baby develop in the womb. When is the due date?

Sandra Cox said...

Aw, Jae. How awesome. From here on out, each year will be a wonderful adventure. I carried Meghan high and Ryan low. The kids came along before ultrasounds. I thought Meghan was a girl and knew without a 'smidgen' of a doubt that Ryan was a boy and what day he would be born.
Big hug!

Molly Daniels said...

How cute is Smudgie? Sooooo cute! Daughter just looked over my shoulder and cooed!

My 3rd child took everything I thought I knew about parenting and turned it upside down. He's completely different from his older siblings, so it was like starting from scratch!

My advice? Stay flexible. And remember: Food, clean diapers, and plenty of love.

JacquƩline_Roth said...

Smudgie is due December 3rd. That is also my niece's birthday and right in time to completely throw off all holiday plans. No way am I traveling Thanksgiving or Christmas. We'll have to start our own holiday traditions.