Sunday, June 15, 2008

Problems with Blogger

I've been having problems with blogger letting me post lately so we'll try this again. If it works tomorrow I'll post my new cover and an excerpt.

We went shopping today. We set up our registry at the local Wal Mart and did a bit of shopping. Maternity clothes were on the agenda and we had a bit of luck there. But as we were walking through the home furnishings we saw something that made us rethink our plans for the nursery. You see as usual my plans are grand and broad and involve a great deal of creativity and work. My SO knows this and accepts it as one of the lovely little quirks that is me. So we had our plan.

As we were shopping, we walked past a small row of baby toys and the cutest toy caught my eye. It is a baby blue elephant that is sooooo soft. His tail has a handle and you pull it like a string and it plays the Brahm's Lullabye. I fell in love with it. It is so sweet. It felt like a rather big moment as I stood there holding it. If I bought it it would be the first toy. Something inside me just screamed it was the perfect one. So into the cart it went.

When we reached home furnishings, I spied the cutest appliques for the walls. They were jungle animals like giraffes (of which I am a huge fan-I have a giraffe story I'll have to tell one day), elephants, hippopotomi, lions and others. I then saw two cute pictures of animals in a similar style to the appliques. My grand plan for the nursery shrank significantly as my rational brain latched on to a way to adapt things to be a bit more do-able. So instead of hand painting animals on the wall, we will be putting up appliques. We bought the two small pictures as well and will be looking for a couple of larger prints to fill in the walls.

Get the connection? The SO did not. I had to explain to the poor dear that it was absolutely a sign that this was exactly the right thing to do. I still think the very quick agreement had more to do with the vast difference in the amount of work required by each option than any true acknowledgment that I was right.

The alarm people are due to come tomorrow, finally. They should arrive between 8am and 12pm. I love appointments like that. And they'd better be there because if not someone is going to owe me money for the months we've been paying and they're not getting the signal. I don't care who, but someone will.


Anny Cook said...

Ahhh. Safari aminals are wonderful! Enjoy!

Amarinda Jones said...

I'm all for grand plans until reality kicks you in the arse and reminds you that you don't have enough time, money or sanity.

Kelly Kirch said...

Put the elephant up to your belly and play the tune toward the end of the pregnancy. It will help when baby is born and you need to sooth him. He will recognize it as a warm, safe sound.

Renee said...

Ah. Jungle animals. That was so my thing when I was a baby - animals, toys, books... That and the scrubbing bubbles commercials.

CONGRATS! by the way. Here I go away for a months and you're having a baby!