Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Right Hand

I never realized all the things I rely on my right hand to do. I mean, I had thought in advance of the two handed tasks I’d need to make arrangements for like carrying, changing and bathing Z. But there are things I didn’t expect to have trouble with; stupidly forgetting I was abdicating use of my dominant hand. Opening bottles, like the Advil, with a child proof cap has proven interesting.

There has, however, been a certain degree of compensatory entertainment to be had from watching my SO do certain tasks I’ve pretty much taken on full-time. For example, we make Z’s baby food ourselves. Other than the first introduction and a couple of back up jars, just in case, we don’t buy it. I put up quite a bit before my surgery, but due to our limited freezer space some of it had to wait. So now I get to watch someone who literally ended up with the fire dept. intervening in the making of pork chops, baking & pureeing apples. Of course the avocado puree will be even more interesting since K hates avocados.

Okay, this is all the hunting and pecking I can manage for now.

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Anny Cook said...

Wow, you're doing pretty good. I'm a terrible hunter and pecker....