Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Day

We’re on the last day of our trip to see my family in Illinois. It’s always an adventure. This was the first opportunity most of them have had to meet Z. Of course since we are driving, the trip back tomorrow will be vastly unpleasant. Z did fine for 90% of the trip up, but had two absolute screaming fits. One the last hour of the trip and one, unfortunately, at the exact moment someone from my publisher’s office called me about my reservations for Romanticon. (Again, Valerie, I am so sorry.)

We’re very fortunate with Z. He has a very outgoing personality and doesn’t seem to mind a large number of people passing him about and playing with him. At 7 months old, I was afraid the normal stranger anxiety would make it an unpleasant experience for him to meet all of his aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc. He didn’t mind at all. He found them all very entertaining, even his great aunt Jo. who in typical Jo style got lipstick on his head from kissing him. And the family’s reactions to him were wonderful. Everyone cooed and oooed over him.

My sister and her husband kept him for us for a few hours today so we could have some grownup time. (They also baby-sat Wendell who was much more upset at being left behind with them than Z.) It was the first time we’d been alone without Z since April when Grandma Roth watched him so we could sneak out to a movie. This time we went to see the Harry Potter movie, so-so and very long, and have a bite to eat. It was nice to have a bit of couple time. Of course everyone dropped hints that we would have more such time if we would just move up north to live nearby. I’d seriously think about it, but I do love where I live and it would place us very far from my SO’s family. Not to mention that I married a Floridian who abhors cold weather.


If you haven’t registered yet for RomantiCon in October, you should do so. Hoards of your favorite romance writers will be there signing and meeting readers. There will be workshops and forums for readers to tell authors what they want and what they like. Authors will be able to meet readers and other authors. (We are all fans too.) So check it out and sign up. Did I mention the cover models will be there too? Oh Yeah!


KellyMarstad said...

Hi Jae! I've been off on a tangent for a few months but it's good to see things are going well. I'm gonna start scrolling down to see if there are Z pics posted.

You're going to RomantiCon I take it which means we finally get to meet. I'm looking forward to it.

Molly Daniels said...

I got a call too:) Thank god they extended the deadline, and I hadn't cancelled my room yet! Here's hoping I can still attend and meet you:)

I enjoyed HP! Now I want to reread the book; there were a couple of elements I'd forgotten. And yes...still felt sorry for Draco...(I know, strange!)

Anny Cook said...

Going, going...