Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coming this Summer

I received good news recently. Ellora's Cave is planning to release a print anthology of the Jewels of Ursus series this summer. There is no date yet, but the three stories will be combined into one print book. The current plan is to release it under the Jewels of Ursus title.

I had the afternoon off today due to a small case of eating something that did not agree with me the night before. So Z and I went to the mall to walk about and look for Mother's Day cards for grandmas. Unfortunately it turned into a traumatic experience for Z. Right out side of the Sears is a pet store. This pet store has been trying to sell this batch of bunnies since before Easter. A few weeks ago I took one of the bunnies out and held it down for him. So I had no reason to think there would be any problem with seeing the bunnies again.

The little rabbits were chasing each other around the cage so I picked Z up to see them. As soon as we get next to the cage he starts to scream in terror. My son...scared of the bunnies. He was probably more afraid of the bouncey, jumpy things but that they were bunnies is the makings of a story that will embarass him greatly in upcoming years.

And I must say, with pride, my son has decided he prefers Mom's cooking to the jarred baby food. We'd started him on sweet potatoes and bought a small jar of organic prepared food to let him try it. He was less than thrilled, but today when he ate the momma prepared sweet potato (a baked sweet potato, sans peel, pureed with a bit of water) he got very excited. He's been trying the sweet potatoes for a week so we will be trying carrots next.

And, I've been quite hooked on the trailer maker from one true media. It's been a blast playing with the options.

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Molly Daniels said...

Oh, he looks soooo CUTE in the Cub's hat and 'I heart ice cream':)

Yay on the trailer and going to print!