Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Good News. I’m one of the featured writers on Talking TwoLips Reviews. It was fun to answer the questions, though some of them had me blushing a bit.

I’ve said before that we are not a “traditional” family. Tomorrow I start back to work and my SO will be staying home with the Z alone. I’ve gotten some flack from folks who think we should both stay off until he is at least 6 weeks. I agree I don’t want him in daycare, though we have found someone we think will be marvelous, until then. But the new semester has started at school and especially after the mess I found yesterday when I went in for a faculty meeting —my sub had not entered grades into the computer, I have no idea where some of my important information like my meetings’ calendar have gone, and the room was a shambles— I need to be back.

I skipped a staff development day today because Z is still suffering from colic and we are trying a new herbal remedy. If that fails we will have to resort to Ms. Anny Cook’s suggestion that involved onions and sugar.

Progress to report on the dachshund vs baby front. After three weeks of pouting and varying degrees of jealousy on behalf of the dachshund, Wendell, has started to come around. He seems to have realized that he does get Momma time and so it’s okay. Wendell still sleeps with Momma and the purchase of the recliner for the baby room made a big difference. Wendell has a bed in the baby room to curl up in until after feedings and rocking. When we are ready to rock and go to sleep, Wendell can get up on the opposite side of the big overstuffed chair and curl up next to momma and rock too.

Now when Z fusses, Wendell becomes on alert. He has decided Z is his boy and he protects him from the other dogs though they are all bigger than him. Z fell asleep in my bed this morning and when I got up to get dressed I looked back and there was Wendell curled up next to him snoozing too.

Okay, enough Momma stuff though it is hard. Head over to Anny Cook, Sandra Cox, Kelly Marstad or Jenny Beans. I’m sure they have much more interesting things to say.


Jenny Beans said...

I tried to go over to Two Lips, but the page wasn't loading properly. As for having interesting things to say, I really enjoy listening to the baby stories and love seeing the pictures. He's already getting so big.

Anny Cook said...

It was an excellent interview! You did very well!

Molly Daniels said...

Yay for Wendell!

Remember when I mentioned K hitting one of our cats in the nose right after we brought him home? I have a darling picture of K at one month, sound asleep in his crib. At the other end, curled up is Tiger...that's as close as he would get to K until the baby learned to crawl!

Yeah honey, it sounds as if you're needed at school. Z will be fine with your SO and Wendell on the job:)

KellyMarstad said...

I was wondering if you'd need to go back earlier after yesterday's news. Sounds like you really didn't have much of a choice. And Wendell is so CUTE. I could gobble him up! Z has changed already since the last picture and all that lovely hair.... you did good, hon.

Bronwyn Green said...

That is such a sweet picture. I'm so glad Wendell is coming around.

I'm so sorry about your school news - that's awful.

BethRe said...

I love the picture very cute

Sandra Cox said...

Instructors lives are not always their own are they?
That's a darling pic.