Monday, September 22, 2008

The Great Search

The last week has been very interesting in the Metro Atlanta area. It's been quite scary at times. It seems we are in the midst of a gas shortage caused by both the recent hurricanes and also the panic that rumors of gas shortages have caused many, or even most, gas stations in the metro area to run out of gas. This morning I had to bypass seven gas stations to finally find one that actually had gas and the gas was $4.19 a gallon. I have to admit to feeling a bit panicked after all those empty stations rolled by.

It's hard to know who's to blame. Some people blame the huricanes interferring with the supply. Some blame the oil companies for orchestrating shortages so they can hike up prices. Of corse the refineries and oil companies blame the average person for panicking and causing a run on gas.

No matter who is to blame, the last few weeks have been a scary case of dejavu for many Americans. Stock market declines, rising prices, shortages on staples, collapsing of large banks... 1929 anyone?

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Anny Cook said...

They have no gas in Tennessee...