Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crud Puppies!

I need some advice. This time professional.

I’ve been working on a series of books I call I need some advice. This time professional.

I’ve been working on a series of books I call The Children of Semira for over 4-5 years. All of my Were stories, Elyssa and Jacqueline, are set in that particular reality. I have at present eight stories in the main series planned out and also have done side stories such as the ones with my little Were-bears, the Ursines. The characters and their stories have been plotted out for a long time.

Here’s my problem. Recently a writer whose work I love and respect has sent out information about an upcoming story she’s going to be including in an anthology this December. Here’s my problem. The romantic scenario she’s suggesting (and we are talking about Weres for her as well) is so close to the one I have planned for one of the eight main characters that I was left with my mouth hanging open.

So what do I do? The series integrates between all those main characters. Yes elements of each story will change as the series develops but we are talking about the main scenario. It’s not like it is a scenario that no one has ever dreamed up before, but when you add the Were element it skirts uncomfortably close to this NY published author’s recently leaked story. Curse Words! Curse Words! Curse Words!

Look’s like I’m going to have to take some time to rethink all the wonder that is Zev. You’ll meet him in Circle of Wolves due out in February from Cerridwen.

Crud puppies!


Sandra Cox said...

Ouch, Jae! That's a tough one. But I'm sure you will rethink this so that its still your story without sounding like hers.

Molly Daniels said...

I felt the same way whe BH 90210 came out. Aaron Spelling stole my idea and put it on television! And when I was actively seeking publishing, Felicity came out on TV!

Anny Cook said...

Dear Jae:

One of my books was rejected for that very reason. I would discuss this scenario with your editor before going further. The book I wrote is not likely to see the light of day without extensive revisions.

When I was at RT, one of the workshops discussed this very thing and pointed out that it happens frequently.