Monday, July 7, 2008

Lovers' Stone

Wednesday, July 9th, is the release day for Lovers' Stone, the second in the Jewels of Ursus trilogy. Lovers' Stone is the sequel to Mating Stone and focuses on Luke Ursine, the bad boy and black sheep of the Ursine family. Luke doesn't do things the easy way or the nice way. He does them his way.

To celebrate the release I'm holding a contest where the prize is a genuine diamond and ruby pendant with matching ruby stud earrings. The delicate pendant is a small circle of gems set in gold, of course, on an 18" chain. Entering to win this prize is easy. All you have to do is visit this blog and leave a comment. Each day's comment will earn you a slot in a drawing for the necklace. All entries must be received by midnight, July 11th (Friday) EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday (7/12).

Luke Ursine is drawn to the most sacred place in his Were clan’s lore. There he finds a woman who touches him like no other and his own mating stone. Not a common mating stone, but a lovers’ stone that declares he has only one true mate, one great love that will claim him body and soul. Anna is the most inappropriate of all mates. She’s a hunter and they are sworn to destroy the Weres. Even if they can set aside generations of hate and murder, will their families let them live long enough to enjoy the promised destiny?
Tomorrow's blog will feature a profile on our bad boy Were-Bear and an excerpt from Lovers' Stone.

I was watching bits and pieces of a movie today to inspire my attempts at JulNaNoWriMo. I'm sadly and pitifully behind on the goal targets. I've added a bible and 4,000 words to my WIP since the 1st. Truly a sad beginning. The movie I popped in is one where the dynamic between the hero and his sidekick remind me of the dynamic I'm creating between the hero and his second in my WIP. Not to mention that one of the actors fits the model of one of the characters, or at least closely anyway.

I do believe that part of my stall has come from the deviation from the original story I had thought to write. This deviation was absolutely necessary and not my blasted idea. One of my characters decided to reveal something rather surprising to me about himself and it has forced me to redirect the entire story. I do believe it was calculated on his part because it has earned him a reprieve. He was supposed to die to spurr forward the big confrontation between hero and heroine. Their mutual grief pulling them together. But his little bombshell would have made his death such a cliche that I refuse to do it. And he knows it, the irreverent and impossible little scamp. Well, not little. He's 6'5".

6'5" is tall. It is very tall. This has caused my little ADD brain to ping off in a new direction today. Why are all romantic heros over 6' tall? What is so magic about that number that we have set it as a measuring bar for romance. Would the hero be any less sexy and appealing if he were 5' 10"? I mean, as a slightly below average height woman, 5'5", the prospect of a tall man is appealing, but in real logistics of kissing a 6'3" man (I read somewhere that that was the average height of a hero in a romance novel- wonder who did that study?) would not come easy. For either of us. Women are often quick to say, size doesn't matter, but really now... come on, be honest... how short is too short? how tall is too tall?

Stop by and visit the blogs of Anny Cook, Amarinda Jones and Kelly Kirch. Anny is writing about comfort and Amarinda is taking on controversy. And Kelly...well, stop by and see for yourself.


Pamk said...

Love the blurb. Sounds like a great story and my hubby is 5'11 and I am 5'5 and I think that is perfect. Okay I am off to check out your other books.

Ashlyn Chase said...

I've always thought size matters. Oh, you meant height! LOL.

Yeah, most of my heroes are 6 feet. But I'm 5'7" so I guess it's relative. My husband is 5'10" and he's MY hero. Nothing wrong with that at all.


Debby said...

Congrats on your book. It looks to be a good one.

MinaNoir said...

The books sounds great! I love tall men, my hubby is 6'2" and I am 5'3" and believe me we have no trouble kissing!;) I have dated short guys but I must admit I love tall me, especially my loving hubby. Janean

Shelly said...

Nice blurb and yummy book cover. This looks to be a good story. Congrats on the upcoming release. DH is 6' and I'm 5'1" lol, it really turns him on when I wear high heel shoes. :)

TamiC said...

Book sounds great. I should win, my b-day is coming up and ruby is my birthstone!!! So pick me, pick me!!!!

Amarinda Jones said...

Me? Controversial? I'm a sweet little thing.

I particularly liked Luke and I am pleased he has his own story

Molly Daniels said...

I'm also tall, and prefer looking UP to my man:)

I used to tease my bff for dating short girls...he always looked like his back was killing him after a slow-dance with his girlfriend of choice. But he married someone of my height, so I guess my 'nagging' paid off!

Two more days, Jae, and I find out how close I am to purchasing another of your books!

Mindy said...

I LOVE the blurb & can't wait for the excerpt!
I'm vertically challenged (Not quite 5 foot) but hight isn't a factor to me at all...Some good things come in small? packages.

Anita Birt said...

My husband is Welsh and Welsh men are not tall. Bill is 5ft 8. The Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas was 5ft 6 -"taller than the average Welshman" he is alleged to have said. I come from a family of tall men. Father 5'11, my brother, 6'4, his two sons, 6'4 and 6'5. Our own son takes after his Welsh not Scottish ancestors. Martin is 5'9 and a lovely man.

If the man is good looking, intelligent with a great sense of humour, he can win a woman's heart.

BethRe said...

very pretty necklace and earrings I love bad boy stories

Tara W said...

Love the blurb. I'm 5'7 and prefer someone at least 6 feet.

Lil said...

Oh, a intriguing! Sounds like the book will have some interesting conflict.

Issues of height can be challenging. I am a bit below 5ft myself and my hubby is over 6ft. Stairs are a very handy thing but not always around when one wants them. Kissing isn't a problem what with the man's ability to bend. ;)

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