Thursday, July 17, 2008

Didn't do Diddly...

That's right, I didn't do diddly-squat today. (Is diddly-squat hyphenated?) Not one single productive thing except feed animals and take the trash out. And you know what? I don't care. I'm not in the least bit guilty about the fact that I pretty much blew off an entire day.

Since we won't be traveling this holiday season (would you want to be 9 months pregnant and driving 11 hours in a car?), the SO is spending a week in Florida with my MIL getting parenting advice, being hauled about to look at baby bits and brushing up on dealing with kiddies by way of the niece and nephews. (The play by play of which I've been enjoying tremendously I must tell you.) So I had nothing pressing upon me to do and so, I didn't do anything. That being the case, unless you really want to hear about a Law and Order marathon, ordering pizza and the wonderful intricacies of brewing iced tea, I haven't much to tell you today.

I did get the first review on Lovers' Stone today. Thank you to Lori from The Romance Reader's Connection for your review.

"LOVERS' STONE pairs together two lovers who were supposed to be enemies and at the same time proves that love can help conquer any obstacle. It will provide a sensual treat for paranormal fans. I will give you a fair warning, this story does contain some unexpected male on male interludes."

I will admit I was surprised by her surprise at the m/m interaction but I guess the warnings put on the stories by the publisher don't always get passed on to the reviewers with the books. I also don't think the interludes will be of surprise to anyone who has read Mating Stone. To those people it won't be a surprise to see Tarris, the incubus, as an active part of the Bears' intimate lives.

Speaking of Tarris, I did get news recently that the release date for his story, Soul Stone has been set. Soul Stone, the final book in the Jewels of Ursus series, will release on November 19th. A neat release date as it means Tarris and I will share a birthday.

Here's a preview by way of the blurb:

Soul Stone
Elyssa Edwards

He is physical perfection. He is sex personified. He is an incubus. All his life Tarris has followed the rules that would keep him from transforming into the dark soulless predator who fed on the sexual energies of women, draining them to madness or to death. But now that he can no longer feed in a safe and controlled way, he faces a choice: hunt or starve. Callista is quiet and reserved. Her restrained exterior hides an astonishing passion and vivid imagination that has captured him. Who knew that a creature that had no soul could love a woman so deeply? Tarris must now find a way to control the change he feels coming and defeat the hunter who pursues him, obsessed with possessing Callista and destroying the incubus.

I adore this cover, by the way. I love the gently hungry expression on his face and the absolutely soulful eyes. I do think it's the best of the covers I've had for any of my books. So once again, thank you, thank you, to the wonderful cover gods at Ellora's Cave.

Don't forget to stop by the blogs of Anny Cook, Amarinda Jones, Kelly Kirch and Sandra Cox. They always have something profound or witty to say. Also be sure to check out the chats tomorrow on the EC chat loop from 7pm to 10 pm EST and on Saturday night on the Night Owl Romance Yahoo chat loop from 7pm to 10pm EST. Anny Cook has put together a grou of authors to share excerpts and answer questions. She and Amarinda will no doubt be giving out pecific instructions about their upcoming contest which starts tomorrow. And since the prizes are Cook and Jones books, who wouldn't want to be first in line to win?


Molly Daniels said...

Good foor you! You deserve a day to do nothing:)

When is your due date?

Anny Cook said...

Loooove do-nothing days! Excellent excerpt. Looking forward to Tarris' book!

Kelly Kirch said...

Yes, and when I veg, I come to this site and stare at book covers. Nummmmmmmm.

I really want to veg. I promised myself I would when this book is finished and sent in. I think I'm going to go back on my word to myself. I hate when I do that.