Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reviews and Rants

First off, I received two great reviews today.
Measure of Healing received 5 nymphs from Literary Nymphs Reviews Only. I was thrilled with the review and thankful that the reviewer ejoyed it. "Secrets, pain and desire blend together and opposites are not so different after all. The Were-child is the glue that brings the story together and softness to these strong characters in Measure of Healing. I loved watching Alej and Brie find everything that has been missing in their lives and finally accept what they were. I was emotionally drawn to them and enjoyed the way their shells are chipped away little by little. Roth did an excellent job and I look forward to more of her stories."
Great news since several of my WIPs and sketched outlines involve this world. Almost finished is the story of the young Wolf who appears at the end of Measure.

Mating Stone was also reviewed at Literary Nymph Reviews Only and received 4 nymphs. This is my first Ellora's Cave release as Elyssa Edwards and I was nervous about its reception. But it's been great. "Mating Stone - Amethyst is a wonderful story with humor and sensual love play. Elyssa Edwards displays a very creative talent in this surprise saga. Mark is every woman’s dream man, caring, gorgeous and considerate of Sarah, who thinks about herself as a plain, shy woman. This is a remarkable read that I enjoyed."
More good news since this is the same world as Measure and the sequel to this, Lovers' Stone, is due out in July.

Other great authors getting terrific reviews that popped up on my radar today include:

Bronwyn Green-Mystic Circle. Bronwyn kicked butt with her 5 nymph rating. The reviewer couldn't stop gushing. Check it out at :

Mona Risk- To Love a Hero. Lots of very nice praise for Mona at:


Some of my more savvy colleagues manage to have killer contests and to do so regularly. I admit I’m not quite so adept. Mostly because I’m new to this and also because I’ve always doubted my taste. What if what I think is cool, no one else does. That happens to me a lot. You know that look you get when you go…”Oooh, isn’t that neat?” and the other person doesn’t think so? I get that frequently. Or maybe I’m just hanging out with the wrong people.

I also admit to being a person who often finds myself thinking, “Damn! That was a good idea. I wish I’d had that.” Or the one who gets the idea after the fact. I have a current release that would have been great to do a contest related to the amethyst since it was an “Amethyst” release from Ellora’s. Did I think if this? No, not until March. A bit late on the uptake, I am. Some days I feel like Winnie the Pooh. A bear of little brain. Lot’s of fluff and stuff between my ears. Maybe if I sat down and had a good think, think, think… I’d do better. So what idea did you miss the boat on?

This is my gripe for the day, and yes it is a gripe. There really isn’t anything anyone can do about it, but ignore me while I complain. I need more time to do what I need to do in each day. Namely to write. I have a WIP that I’ve been literally working on since July and I can’t seem to find time to finish it. The worst part is if I’m going to meet the deadline on it, it has to be done very, very quickly. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

I have a long commute-3.5 hours. I’ve tried the idea of dictating to myself, but that really doesn’t work. It’s hard to make the words come out the way you want them to verbally and still look good on paper. And no, moving isn’t an option right now because the SO works in the opposite direction.

My job is time consuming beyond the confines of my day “on the job”. Grading, planning, creating worksheets, tests, etc. occupies a great deal of my time outside of the school day. Those who think teachers only work 6 or 7 hours a day are deluded. If I give an assignment, I have to grade it. One hundred and twenty times. If I need to give an assignment, I have to create it. There are some resources available that teachers share on the internet, but once you get out of elementary school there really isn’t much out there for teaching reading in upper grades. Add to this the fact that like most school districts, mine doesn’t provide resources for teaching reading. We have a few class sets of novels, but that’s really it. The rest is up to me to find, buy and or create myself.

I have a family. It’s just the two of us at the moment and the dogs, birds and fish, but that still means I have to do all the regular stuff like dishes, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, running errands etc. Then it’s time for me to write or sleep. Some days it’s a choice between the two. And I have to tell you, sleep usually wins. I like sleep. Sleep is my friend. And yes, I know that we “make time for what’s important.” But there is a point at which there is no time left to squeeze.

Thus ends my complaining. So what do you find that you want to do or do more of, but just can’t seem to squeeze the time in for?


Amarinda Jones said...

I totally agree with you - the lack of time sucks. I tend to do without sleep as I have the dazed look down pat now

Anny Cook said...

I spent a LOT of years on that hamster wheel. Thankfully, I'm off the worst of it, but I still find that my time gets frittered away by all those everyday things we have to do. So I end up writing on weekends when I probably shouldn't need to. I so feel for you!

Molly Daniels said...

Is that 3.5 ours one way or total? The most I ever commuted was an hour one way.

JacquƩline_Roth said...

3.5 total. It works out to an hour iand a half in the morning and two hours in the afternoon due to traffic. It's actually only a 60 mile commute one way.

Kelly Kirch said...

My dear, I'm just glad you made it through the storm. Whew.