Friday, March 7, 2008


This isn't new, but it is how I'm feeling today.

On Becoming Invisible

The smiling faces
Gazing back
Eyes look through
Glazed and unseeing
Because no one is here

A silent scream
Begging to be recognized
Becomes a murmur
A part of the drone
A whisper unheard
Unimportant, unheeded, unneeded

Laughter surrounds
Oblivious to the torment
Concealed so well
Because no one is seen
No one is noticed
Grey space filled but vacant

A shadow
A movement
From the corner of the eye
Gone in an instant
Unregistered by synapses
Forgotten before known

Filler for the background
A shape without form
A blur of grey
Indistinguishable from the crowd
The tree lost in the forest

Breathing stops
Heartbeat stills
Humanity slips away
Fading away in the silence
Lesson taught, lesson learned
On Becoming Invisible

(Originally published in An Anthology of American Poets Vol. 4 in 2006.)


Amarinda Jones said...

You are never invisible to me

Kelly Kirch said...

Um. I have some generic prozak...

Anny Cook said...

I once went through a phase when I felt like no one in my family could see me. I later found a notebook that was completely filled with one sentence. "I am a person." Over and over and over. I don't remember writing that, but it's in my handwriting.

Just know that while I may not be a physical friend that you can reach out and touch... you will never be invisible to me.

Molly Daniels said...

Great poem, Jae...I feel invisible sometimes as well. Esp when I log onto chat loops and discover I'm the only one on, ha ha:)

Sandra Cox said...

Great poem, Jae. I echo Amarinda and Anny's sentiments:)

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