Sunday, January 20, 2008

Answering the Age Old Question

It has been a battle of taste that has raged for years with no clear winner. The question that has set friend against friend, sister against sister and mother against daughter:

Who's hotter, Angel or Spike?

The last week or so has been a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon. The library where my SO works recently got the entire 7 season collection on dvd. We've finished the first season and started the second. It is in this second season that the conundrumm to end all conundrums came to be. Which vampire is the hottest? Is it tortured, vampire with a soul, Angelus (Angel) or the cocky, funny, alpha male vampire William the Bloody (Spike)?

We're supposed to love Angel. He's a vampire with a horrendous past. He was one of the bloodiest and cruelest ever created. He killed his entire family. Hell, he created Spike. But he was given back his soul. Now, haunted by a conscience and in love with the little vampire slayer he has become a good guy...of sorts. We're supposed to love him because Buffy does.

We're supposed to hate Spike. His caustic wit, his merciless nature...I mean, he killed a little kid. Granted said little kid was only a kid in body and was actually the annointed one who was controlling the othe evil vampire, but hey, he was cute. And Spike torches him. Spike wants to kill Buffy. (We won't discuss the chip debaucle that marked the point at which Buffy jumped the shark.) We're supposed to root against him.

Sorry, can't do it. Yes, Angel is a cutie. Yes, he's a dark, brooding, tortured soul. But he's also a whining, whishy-washy pain in the arse and a borderline pedophile. He was what, 25 or so when Darla turned him? Buffy is 16! You spent an entire two seasons reminding us that there is a close to 250 year age difference. Icky factor- in a big way.

Spike doesn't want to kiss Buffy until she's at least legal. Spike is a decisive undead man who knows what he wants and does it. He's brutal and you know exactly where you stand with Spike. And he does have a softer side. Look how he watches after Dru. So sweet. And he's quite lovely. I've never been much for blonds, in fact I've always loved the dark, strong type. But give me my Spike any day!

Of course, a girl does have to keep an open mind.


Bronwyn's Blog said...

Jae, have I told you lately I adore you?

I love this post, and I have to go with Spike even though I prefer my men dark. However, that last picture...yum!

Also, I've tagged you for a meme. Come visit me here for the info.

Kelly Kirch said...

So very Spike. Oh baby. By the way you've been tagged with a me-me. See my blog for details

Dakota Rebel said...

I love Spike. He is the epitome of bad boy vampire fantasy. Yummy pics. Thanks!


Sandra Cox said...

Jac, You've been me-me'd:) Details available on blog.

JacquƩline_Roth said...

A triple play, eh? Well I'll fess up six, but it may take me forever to return the favor since I think everyone I know who blogs has been hit or has hit me!

Oh, but I must say thank you, it gave me a good excuse to post another Spike picture.