Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dragon*Con Day 2

Not so great a beginning to today. A bit of an accident crossing the sky walk from Peachtree Center into the Hyatt Hotel. You know that moment when you feel your foot slide out from under you as you step on a wet spot on the floor? How for a moment it seems as if you just might save it and not land on your arse in front of several dozens of people? And then the moment when you realize you ARE going to fall? Yep. That was me today. Only I very luckily managed to land on my knee. The one I dislocated last April. Nice.I spent the day limping.

We were disappointed right off. I mentioned in my last post about authors who left readers hanging at scheduled signing. We were two such readers today. The person we'd gotten up early to go see didn't show for her signing. So we spent the morning wandering the exhibit hall.

There were so many cool things. I'd love a sword, but my SO (significant other) tells me it's a really bad idea. (Reference level of gracefulness implied by above mentioned fall.) I saw several pieces of jewelery I wanted badly but I'm not so sure I can afford them. So we passed them by.

Was thrilled to get to Larry Elmore's table this year in time to finally get a copy of a print I've been looking for at the Con for three years now. That I don't have it already is my SO's fault. :P When one has to drag the dearest darling to the exhibit hall it usually means getting there too late. Not so this time. *Happy Dance.* If you don't recognize his name, Elmore is an artist. He has done several covers and other art for the DragonLance books. I finally got the print of Raistlin and that myopic idiotic priestess of Paladine. I love it. She's got her head on his shoulder and he has a hand on her back and is looking directly at you. The expression on his face says, "You are so screwed little girl. I have won." While his posture is an awkward, "there, there." I love Raistlin.

A few minutes later I was fortunate enough to have Margaret Weis sign a copy of Test of the Twins for me. I repeat. I love Raistlin.

The SO bought a leather choker that locks with a small silver padlock (what can I say? I'm married to a weirdo; at least it matched this year's vampire costume) and was thrilled with the prints we bought from Todd Lockwood. He also does art for DragonLance, but mostly for Forgotten Realms. So we now have prints of two dark elves. Drizzt and the girl from the Elaine Cunningham books that my SO will glare at me for not remembering.

I think we're taking tomorrow off for a breather, but back on Monday for Carrie Vaugh and two YA tracks that deal with using scifi/fantasy in the classroom.

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