Monday, September 24, 2007

Book Review: A Kind of Magic by Susan Sizemore

A Kind of Magic
Susan Sizemore
Cerridwen Press
Available Here

Best-selling author Susan Sizemore dabbles in just about every sub-genre of romance there is. Her books have graced the USA Today’s best-seller’s list and been a favorite of fans for some time. For epublisher, Cerridwen Press, Sizemore created a delightful historical romance titled A Kind of Magic. This Highlander style romantic tale brings all the best of the genre and all the best of Sizemore.

Maddie McCullogh is a hard-headed modern day woman who holds a degree in engineering, holds her own on oil rigs in the North Sea and has all but given up on love until her mother tells her that her childhood crush is flying into Glasgow. Thinking she has one more chance to see him she boards a plane with a colleague from an archeological dig. After being talked into trying on a necklace that was found on the dig she finds herself transported back to the 13th century and directly into the path of Rowan Murray who has been told that to save his clan he must marry the first woman to cross his path. That woman is Maddie. Befuddled by Maddie’s engineering and mechanical prowess and astonished by her lack of more womanly skills, the Murray clan still bids the bride of the laird welcome. Her skills soon bring advancements to make the women’s lives easier including the introduction of the spinning wheel and more efficient looms. But adjusting to the 13th century isn’t Maddie’s biggest problem. That lies in convincing Rowan that the feelings between them don’t spell the doom of all he knows.

Hard headed lass disrupts life of handsome powerful highlander. Sound familiar? Is the story a bit clichéd? Yes, but it’s those very clichés that those who cherish the highland romance cannot get enough of. The story is told well and the characters are endearing and engaging. Add a lovely touch of magic and the interference of faerie folk and you have an enjoyable read.

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