Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bears in Print

My Bears have been set loose. Jewels of Ursus was released today, in print, from Ellora's Cave.

This is a compilation of the three books in the trilogy by that name:

Mating Stone
Sarah has found the perfect man and best of all, he loves her deeply. Before introducing her to his family he proposes and presents her with an amethyst pendant, a stone she doesn't realize is more than symbolic. When his brother reveals Mark's secret, Sarah must decide if she loves him enough to accept him even if he's not exactly human. And Mark must decide how far he'll go, how much he'll give up to claim Sarah as his mate. Is he willing to abandon his birthright? Is he willing to kill his own brother to keep it and Sarah?

Lovers’ Stone
Luke Ursine is drawn to the most sacred place in his clan’s lore. There he finds a woman who touches him like no other, and his own mating stone. Not a common mating stone, but a lovers’ stone that declares he has only one true mate, one great love who will claim him body and soul. Anna is the most inappropriate of all mates. She’s a hunter and they are sworn to destroy the Weres. Even if they can set aside generations of hate and murder, will their families let them live long enough to enjoy the promised destiny?

Soul Stone
He is physical perfection. He is sex personified. He is an incubus. All his life Tarris has followed the rules that would keep him from transforming into the dark soulless predator who feeds on the sexual energies of women, draining them to madness or to death. But now that he can no longer feed in a safe and controlled way, he faces a choice—hunt or starve.

Callista is quiet and reserved. Her restrained exterior hides an astonishing passion and vivid imagination that have captured him. Who knew that a creature who had no soul could love a woman so deeply? Tarris must now find a way to control the change he feels coming and defeat the hunter who pursues him, obsessed with possessing Callista and destroying the incubus.

Praise for the books in this series:

"...the men in this book are to die for...Elyssa Edwards has done a great job with Mating Stone. She has written a unique shapeshifter story that any paranormal fan will enjoy." -Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Elyssa Edwards offers a erotic tale of fantasy. Mating Stone is a very dark story. Her approach to shapeshifters is unique."

"Mark Ursine and Sarah are well rounded and enjoyable characters and you do find yourself rooting for their seemingly impossible relationship." [Mating Stone] -Simply Romance Reviews

"Mating Stone... is a wonderful story with humor and sensual love play. Elyssa Edwards displays a very creative talent in this surprise saga. Mark is every woman’s dream man, caring, gorgeous and considerate ...This is a remarkable read that I enjoyed." -Literary Nymph Reviews Only[Lovers' Stone]

"This was an intriguing twist on the Were legends, or at least a variety I have never heard before. I really liked the way the author set polar opposites to attract and be mated. I really enjoyed the erotic passages and each of them was well thought out. I love the tenderness and compassion in this story as well as the passion. Each character's take on what was happening was thoughtful as well as thought provoking. I would love it if this story was a little longer, but I guess I'll just have to wait for the next installment of the story." - Dawn Epton, ParaNormal Romance[Lovers' Stone]

"I thoroughly enjoyed this tale of suspense, romance and eroticism, ...I thought the story well-written. The romance and meeting of the main characters was magical, and the conflict needed for a short story such as this was indeed present. The author created a universe I want to read more about, and if you choose to read this installment, do yourself a favor and be sure you have the previous ones as well." -Christine, Simply Romance Reviews

"LOVERS' STONE pairs together two lovers who were supposed to be enemies and at the same time proves that love can help conquer any obstacle. It will provide a sensual treat for paranormal fans." -Lori, The Romance Reader's Connection


Jenny said...

Jae, I know I'm about two days late on this, and I feel so bad about that. We were on vacation all week and I'm only now just getting back into the net. I AM SO PROUD! You worked so hard on those three stories, and you deserve this! I am featuring this blog post and a link to the book in THIS WEEK IN AWESOME! You have come such a long way. Now, how do I get me an autograph on my copy? <3

Sandra Cox said...

Many congrats, Jae. I love that cover!

Anny Cook said...

Congratulations! And it's a lovely cover!