Monday, November 24, 2008

Contest Reminder and Getting Personal

Contest First!

In celebration of the release of Soul Stone, which features an opal in a pivotal role. Because of that I'm giving away a rainbow opal heart shaped pendant and matching earrings. This is a delicate piece set in silver. The earrings are the same as the pendant, pictured here.

How to win: Soul Stone is the final book in the lives of the Ursine brothers. So to win this final prize, you will need to tell me something about them. Copy the list below into an email and complete it. Send it to I'll pick a winner from the correct answers on Wednesday, November 26th.

True Love: Who is the true mate and love of each of the men below?

Mark Ursine's heroine is ________
Luke Ursine's heroine is ________
Tarris Ursine's heroine is ________

You can find hints to the answers--okay, you can find the answers--by checking out the blurbs and excerpts for the three books in this series at Elyssa's website.
Being heard/show your support:
The new sites for Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press are up. The new site lets you leave reviews on the books you've read. So what are you waiting for? Head on over and look for something new while posting reviews of the books you really loved from those publishers.

Getting Personal
We are still on baby watch around here. The doctor's visit this morning confirmed that everything is fine and that Smudgie has dropped down into the pelvis, but the midwife says we are probably looking at about two more weeks. *Sigh* To say that we are getting antsy is an understatement. We are ready in every way we can be ready. Our house looks like a Baby's R Us exploded.

The only thing we lack, and it's because we can't find one, is a good bookshelf unit to go in bedroom. Smudgie's books, toys and stuff already are piled on the floor and he needs more storage space. We've been joking that we may have to give up the master bedroom to him.

But everything is fine. I have some thank you's I have to send out.
To Barb and Sean: Thanks, you send him clothes from England and now he'll expect European fashions all the time. *grin* The "cheeky monkey" shirt was perfect.
To Steve: Thank you so much for the high chair, but dude? A single, straight male who remembers to buy his friend a baby shower gift? You better hide that man-card cause they're coming to get it. (And yes, I'm almost done with my eMuse stuff. I won't let you down.)
To Robert, Debbie, Bev and Leslie: Thank you so much. The baby shower was the greatest. A chocolate fountain? A great cake? All the dips and goodies people could want? What more could I ask for. I'm grateful for friends like you.
To my work family: I don't remember the last time I was so overwhelmed that I actually cried. I know we're not a conventional family and folks have turned their noses up at us in the past. But the people I work with are the best. You've always been there and I'm truely grateful.

Okay folks. Enough mushy stuff.

I threw a major hissy fit at the local WalMart a few days ago. I had gotten tires put on my car on a Sunday. That following Monday afternoon one of said new tires was almost flat. I put air in it and took it to the nearest WalMart (not the one that had sold me the tires). They looked at it, couldn't find a problem and aired it up to the right pressure. By Wednesday it was low again. And again on Friday. On Saturday I took it back to the WalMart that installed the tires and told them the problem. They proceded to inform me that because I hadn't bought the special warrantee that they would have to charge me to check the tires and change them if there was a problem.

I threw a sedate tantrum. What do you mean you are charging me to check and fix the defective tires that you sold me? It's not like I went into the store room and picked them out myself and said..."I want these." You put them on, you sold them to me in good faith, what you gave me was defective and now you want me to pay to fix your mistake and the manufacturer's screw up? I don't really think that is going to happen! The disgruntled salesgirl (and yes I do mean to say girl and I mean it nastily because she prissed around on her heels and didn't want to touch the tires to check and see if she could see any damage before she wrote up the ticket) got the manager and I unloaded on him too when he tried the same shpeel. No way I'm paying because you sold me a defective product. Are you people insane?

Needless to say they did it my way. It probably had something to do with me mentioning that this was exactly the sort of thing that the local news channel liked to cover on their consumer watch program.

Enough of me rambling. Head on over to see Kelly Marstad, Sandra Cox and Jenny Beans. Jenny is a friend of mine who is a brilliant author. You will know her by her pen name, Llewellyn McEllis one day. Also check on Anny Cook, maybe she's back from her vacation.


Molly Daniels said...

You go woman! Don't you love all those hormones at 9 months pregnant? Glad you cowed them into submission:)

Ignorance at the Walmart Auto Dept must be going around. I blogged about their stupidity a month or so ago.

As for the baby stuff, when W was born, we joked about getting him his own apartment, as his stuff threatened to take over the entire house! Sounds like Smudgie is incredibly blessed.

Jenny Beans said...

Wal Mart claims to be the great all American company, but we know their secrets. Half of their stuff comes from China and they love to rip off employees and customers alike. I hate shopping there, but sometimes their prices are the lowest.

I am still waiting for you to send me your address so I can send something to Smudgie. Maybe I should wait until after he's born and you realize, "Oh crap, we need..." All of that new stuff can be SO overwhelming. Heck, Devon is almost 14 and she still needs her own apartment just to organize her stuff.

Sandra Cox said...

Oooh love the pendant:)
Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be thinking of you

Anonymous said...

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