Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five You Shouldn't Miss

I've been reading a lot of really great books lately. Elyssa is the Review editor for an online magazine known as eMuse and I get to go along for the ride. It's wonderful to get to read so many terrific books even if I don't always get to do the reviews for them. (It's a bit of a conflict of interest since so many are Ellora's Cave and Cerridwen Press books.)
But on my blog I get to say what I want and be as biased toward anyone I feel like. Even my fellow froggies. Yes I said froggies. If you frequent Anny Cook or Amarinda Jones' blogs you'll know our editor maintains a group for her writers called the frogpond, and we are her froggies.

So now, the best, last, five books I've read. Some are EC/CP, some aren't. Some are froggies, some aren't. Some are ebooks, some aren't.

Playing to Win by Shelley Munro
Cerridwen Press

Kate Alexander's world is set spinning when professional rugby player Lance Gerrard shows up at her door demanding to know why she has sold a story to the local paper claiming he was the father of her son. Only Kate didn't tell the story. In fact, Kate doesn't know who Jamie's father was. But one look at the boy convinces Lance his definitely a Gerrard. While the two try to unravel the truth of Jamie's past, a stalker set's their sites on eliminating Kate.

Ronan's Grail by Bronwyn Green
Ellora's Cave

Ronan, knight in the service of King Arthur, bastard son of Lancelot of the Lake, finds himself thrust into the future by Merlin's magic with the imperative: Find the grail. His search takes him to the time and place of Morgan Foster. A impulsive act of body art has Ronan convinced she is the Grail. This very hot tale of a clash of cultures and a passion that is more powerful than any magic dreamed of hinges on the ability of love to overcome time.

Winter's Daughter by JC Wilder
Samhain Publishing

Synnamon Angelov lost everything the night her mother was killed. The police cover up denied her justice and scattered the Angelov children like the wind. Twenty years later Syn has come home to demand justice and to reclaim the family's home and the magic contained there. Police Chief Matthew Whitefeather knew little about the old story of Syn's family and believed even less until her arrival creates massive upheaval in his quiet little town. Once he hears her story, his honor won't let him rest until he redeems his department. And helping the beautiful woman may be his goal, but his desire is to have her in his arms.

Nightwalkers: Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank
I came late to this series. I kept picking it up and putting it down and was reluctant because it seemed like the same old thing. Another paranormal hunter. Woohoo. But I was wrong.

Jacob is the Enforcer for his people. It's his job to protect humans from those among his race that would prey upon them. Touching humans, interacting with humans was prohibited. Mating with one was forbidden and called down the wrath of the Enforcer and a punishment so terrible that centuries could not erase it. And Jacob was perfect. Never had he been tempted. Until now. Until Isabella. When he reacts instinctively and saves her life, the simple touch between them sets off a fire storm that will sweep through his people and rip away all that they thought they knew about themselves.

Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook
Ellora's Cave

Imagine the story of King Arthur was nothing like you thought. Imagine that instead of dying, he was actually kidnapped and taken back to his home planet of Came-a-lot. (Yep, I spelled that right.) And the whole story had been cleaned up and stripped of all its erotic glory for the world he left behind. Now, while Arthur is way on his annual dragon and virgin roundup, his son Gareth has found his own virgin. And blast it all, if he- a royal- wants to marry her, she has to stay that way until the wedding night. Enter the dragon Percival who himself seeks a virgin. He captures Arthur and demands that Chrysanthemum, possibly the last virgin in all of Came-a-lot, as ransom. Now, sex and hilarity ensue as Gareth must save his father and his bride.
Up next on my list to read?


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