Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If That’s True, Why Aren’t Things Changing?

Coming on the heals of my last blog, I couldn’t help but comment on this.

I read a poll result on AOL today that made me stop and ponder. The poll asked men what they found attractive in woman and focused on the question of weight and body type. As anyone who has ever seen a magazine, billboard, newspaper, televisions program or movie knows society tells us that the perfect beautiful woman, the “supermodel” is a size 0, while in the days of Cheryl Tiegs and Christy Brinkley they were a size 8.

A size 14 woman, the average size for an American woman today, is told she is a “plus-size.” Marilyn Monroe, the icon all over the western world for beauty, glamour and sex appeal was a size 14. Today they’d be plastering pictures of her on the front of magazines talking about how “fat” she was and how everyone was on a death watch because she was so fat she was going to die.

According to the poll on AOL today, 80% of men said they prefer a voluptuous, curvy woman. Only 5% say they found the supermodel-thin women attractive.

That’s great. That’s wonderful. But it’s not the first time we’ve heard this. Polls have been saying for years now that men don’t want these thin, half-starved women, they want a woman who has all the curves, softness and fullness of a woman. They want Marilyn Monroe not Kate Moss.

What I don’t understand is if this is true, why haven’t the advertising companies, the fashion magazines, the Hollywood machine and all the others who glamorize the pencil thin female responded? Why is this still the pervasive image in our society? Is it because men say one thing in the polls because it’s politically correct and yet put their money down in a different direction? Is it because the advertising companies, fashion and entertainment industries are trying to shape public opinion and just keep trying?

I have a feeling it’s neither of those. I have a feeling that we women need to look at ourselves for this one. Men are saying we are sexy when we are full-figured and curvy. The media says we are beautiful if we are emaciated and you can count our ribs. Which message are we buying? Which message are we putting our money behind? The latter. How many of us have joined gyms because we “wanted to get healthy” or because we wanted to lose weight to look better? Be honest. How many of us plunk down hundreds of dollars each year for the creams and ointments that promise to make us young and beautiful forever?

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s true. Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a beer belly, bald-headed, and excess body hair and still think they are damned sexy. I’m just saying, maybe we need to look at who we’re listening to about what makes us beautiful and how sexy each of us is.

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Amarinda Jones said...

I think women have to stop worrying about what they should be and just be what they are. To my mind self connfidence and knowledge of who you really are is sexy. Numbers that define what clothes you should wear should not define you. Listen to you own gut instinct. If you feel beautiful then you are. To my knowledge no one is ugly or the 'wrong' size and everyone has hidden potential.

Molly Daniels said...

I expressed concern about my jeans size last year, and my sweetie assured me he loves me just the way I am:)

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

My dh looks at super models and says things like "that would be like sleeping with a bag of hammers." Or "who'd want to have sex wiht a bicycle." Any wonder I keep this man?

As to the santa...the beards and chests don't seem to go together, but I could live with those...

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

My dh looks at super models and says things like "that would be like sleeping with a bag of hammers." Or "who'd want to have sex wiht a bicycle." Any wonder I keep this man?

As to the santa...the beards and chests don't seem to go together, but I could live with those...