Sunday, November 11, 2007

First reviews for Access Denied and a new book review

4 Cups for Access Denied!

“This is a wonderful story of love, friendship, and the pitfalls of Big Brother. Leah is a pragmatist. She knows how she looks, but that does not stop her from being the best friend that anyone could ever want. James is a beaten man, and just wants to be left alone. Leah shows him that he can love again and that everyone needs a friend to lean on once in a while. Their characters are fantastic and absolutely believable. You really get a true sense of their pains and triumphs as they fight to hold onto a love that will set them both free.”

Thank you Coffee Time Romance! This was my first review for Access Denied and my first review as a professional writer. I fully admit I squealed with delight and hopped up and down like a much younger woman. Check out the entire review at

More Reader Reactions:

Anny Cook, one of my favorite writers, took the time to review Access Denied. I was truly thrilled and humbled.

Two more Cerridwen Press and Ellora's Cave authors took time to give Access Denied a bit of attention. Please check out their blogs.

Book Review: The God Eaters.

The God Eaters
Jesse Hajicek
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Their world is a dangerous place for anyone who doesn’t blindly spout the theocratic dogma of Dalan. Ashleigh Trine learns this lesson the hard way when he’s convicted of heresy and sent to prison. But things are even worse yet if you don’t happen to be Eskaran and Kieran Trevarde’s entire life has been the hard way. Convicted of multiple murders for which he shows no remorse, he finds himself on the same transport as the tiny, frail and scholarly Trine. Becoming the boy’s protector serves two purposes. It gives him an outlet for his rage as he pounds his way through anyone in the cell block that insults Trine and brings him closer to the young man he desires though he’s sworn he will not act upon those desires.

The God Eaters is a wonderful novel. The characters are incredibly drawn and developed. True Ashleigh is highly annoying at first with his weakness that would have earned Hajicek angry letters from feminists had he been a female character, but the growth of the character is believable and satisfying. Kieran is the quintessential dark, brooding, dangerous romantic hero. And that’s really what this book is. A delightful romance wrapped in a creative and inventive fantasy plot filled with magic, gods, evil, politics, social injustice and –at the end especially– some good old-fashioned action.

Self published books are often more expensive but this book is well worth it.

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