Saturday, October 13, 2007

Release Day at last

Finally the day I’d waited for most of my life came. It was last Thursday. The day that my first novel was released to the public. Access Denied became my first attempt to convince the world that I am really and truly a writer. Available on Cerridwen Press, Access Denied is the story of two people trying to wade through the pressures of survivor’s guilt, finding love, building new lives and all under the watchful eye and control of the Committee.

Of course in the true manner in which my life usually works, I developed bronchitis the day of the release and haven’t been able to blog or do anything to promote it. So now, from the confines of the sick bed:

Official Blurb:

In Sanctuary the Committee controls everything, food, healthcare, housing, information and even love. The Committee’s life guides match the single residents for three-month compatibility assignments. Everyone gets ten changes to find true love or at least an acceptable partnership.

There is something special about Leah Bradley. She has the unique ability to reach out and really connect with the people in her life, but if she’s so special why is she facing her seventh assignment? From the moment she meets James he makes it clear he grants no one access to his life or, especially, his heart. Brooding and sad, he carries a darkness inside him that swallows another part of him every day. What’s worse, he seems to want it this way. Leah slowly loses her hope and her heart. But just when James begins to see Leah the way she truly is, he’s forced to ask himself one question: Does the Committee really have happily-ever-after in mind?

Excerpts in the days to come or go to to find excerpts for this and other titles.

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